Terms And Conditions

Terms Of Sale

This software has been thoroughly tested across all major browser versions. Customisations to your particular Magento store, including the use of other third party extensions, may however cause the extension to fail to function as advertised and as such it is provided 'as-is'.  If the extension does fail to function correctly for you, we will be happy to address any issues you may be having, but there could be a support cost involved in doing this.  If this is the case we will seek your consent before undertaking any work which is chargeable.

We offer a no fuss, condition free 14 day money back guarantee after purchase.  If you request a refund we may ask if we can offer support to resolve any issues you may be having as an alternative.

Free Installation And Support

When purchasing an extension we will be happy to install it for you and also offer support.  This will be free as long as customisations to your install or setup does not introduce issues which result in the extension failing to function correctly.  In this situation there is likely to be a cost involved when providing support.

Selling to businesses and individuals

From January 2015 we require companies who purchase with us to enter their company name and number at the checkout. This is due to a new EU regulation which came into effect from January 1st 2015 relating to the way tax is charged on digital products. Business to business sales are however exempt from this taxation, and this is the reason why we require the company name and number of each business customer from January 1st 2015. The company name and number is the proof we are required to collect in order to prove a business to business transaction.

You can still purchase from us as an individual rather than a business, but in order to also be exempt from this taxation, your order will have to be manually processed and so your purchased product will not be made immediately available for you to download as with a business customer. Place your order as normal through the checkout and we will endeavour to process it as quickly as possible and email you your product.