Evolved Caching Pricing

How much does Evolved Caching cost?

First license
After purchasing your first license you will automatically receive a discount on purchasing your second license.
Second license
20% reduction
Your second license will have an automatic 20% reduction and you will also automatically receive a further increased discount on all future licenses.
All further licenses
40% reduction
When purchasing your third license you will automatically receive a massive 40% discount which will then also apply to all further license purchases.

When first purchasing a license from the Evolved Caching product page you pay the full price. After this initial order the price will then be reduced by 20%, and after a second order by 40% for all further licenses.

We also lease licenses on a monthly basis at a percentage of cost price. If you are interested in leasing licenses you must have a minimum of 5 domains to license. Use the calculator below to calculate the monthly cost of leasing licenses.


Monthly cost of leasing 0 licenses:£0

How does Evolved Caching pricing compare to other products?

Evolved Caching is great value for money. It is the most complete caching solution available with a great deal of functionality and features not found in competing products. Every purchase also comes with free lifetime support and free lifetime upgrades, something not offered by anyone else.

How does Evolved Caching licensing work?

Licensing is done on a per domain basis where the domain to license must match your stores base url. Licenses do not cover subdomains, so a license for domain.com will not be valid for a store running with a base url of www.domain.com or subdomain.domain.com. Equally a license for domain www.domain.com will not be valid for a store running with a base url of domain.com.

After purchasing a license for your production store we can supply any number of additional licenses for development and staging domains free of charge. Just get in touch with us and let us know which extra domains you would like to license. Your new license(s) will then appear under My Licenses when logged in to the store.

Can I get a free Evolved Caching license?

Yes! If you sign up for our Easy Store service we'll throw in a free Evolved Caching license for your store.