Evolved Caching FAQs

What does Evolved Caching actually do?

In simplified terms Evolved Caching is a tool which stores the full page HTML Magento generates each time you view a page, and then serves this stored HTML the next time that same page is viewed. Magento is complex software and many thousands of lines of code need to be executed to display a single page of content. By having Evolved Caching store and serve cached full page HTML not only do you save a great deal of time in delivering that HTML content to the browser (which makes your pages faster), but you also greatly reduce your servers resource usage meaning you can handle much more traffic to your site with the same hosting.

Although this sounds relatively simple to achieve, when you start looking into it in more detail you soon discover that there is actually a lot more involved, and the complexities of successfully storing and serving cached content across the breadth of functionality that Magento offers is often where competing caching solutions fall down. Evolved Caching has been developed to cater for all caching scenarios Magento presents and this, combined with the best possible performance is what sets our solution apart from others

In terms of performance, Evolved Caching delivers cached content to the browser before populating the page with dynamic content meaning that pages load even faster. Other solutions populate the cached page with dynamic content before delivering it to the browser. This means you need to access Magento to retrieve this data, and as soon as you do this you severely impact performance. Evolved Caching instead delivers cached content to the browser first, completely outside of Magento, and then collects dynamic content after this via AJAX. Ours was the first solution to use AJAX for dynamic content and continues to give the best performance of any solution in the market place. Ours is also the only solution which can use BigPipe to serve content.

What performance improvement will I see?

The performance improvement you will see by using Evolved Caching will depend very much on how your store has been developed and what hosting your site is running on. Generally speaking the more complex and long your pages are, the more benefit you will see, however even with short and simple pages you will see a significant performance increase.

As a guide, our benchmarking showed full page HTML generation times to be 14x faster with the server able to handle 40x the number of requests.

How much does Evolved Caching cost?

Evolved Caching has a tiered pricing structure, and we also lease licenses on a monthly basis. Please see our pricing page for full details.

How does Evolved Caching compare to other products?
You get a huge amount of functionality with Evolved Caching that other full page caching extensions do not include. There is also a lot of added value in the cost of the license which again other extensions do not give. See here for a direct comparison with other products of the functionality Evolved Caching offers, and here for the same comparison of the valuable services you get for free when you purchase an Evolved Caching license.
Is there is a demo store for Evolved Caching?

As the performance benefit you will see from Evolved Caching relies entirely on your particular server setup, a demo store would not be an accurate reflection of the kind of performance you could expect to see for your store. Instead we recommend you use our performance profiler to analyse your stores current performance and get a recommendation on whether to purchase Evolved Caching. You can also sign up for a 30 day free trial of Evolved Caching here.

Can I trial Evolved Caching?
Yes, just fill out the form on this page to sign up for your free trial.
Can I use Evolved Caching along side other caching extensions?

No you should not use Evolved Caching along side other third party caching extensions. Evolved Caching is a very capable, complete caching solution in it's own right and you will not see any performance benefit by attempting to combine multiple caching solutions. You are also very likely to introduce conflicts which could break store functionality.

My store has been heavily customised, can I still use Evolved Caching?

Yes, Evolved Caching is designed to work on even the most heavily customised stores. Depending on what changes have been made it may be necessary to have your store developer use some of the developer tools Evolved Caching provides in order achieve 100% functionality. This is most likely to be the case where the product listing template HTML has been significantly modified, or where JS observers are attached to elements which have been excluded from caching.

We provide full documentation, along with a helper module for the simple changes which may be required in these cases.

Where can I find documentation for how to use Evolved Caching?

You can find complete documentation on Evolved Caching in the dedicated documentation section of the site.

Who should buy Evolved Caching?

Evolved Caching is a great fit for any store and will always boost performance, even if you already use another full page caching solution. In order to gain the greatest benefit you should also make sure the speed of your store is good without caching as some pages, such as the cart and checkout are never cached.

Does Evolved Caching work with Varnish?

Yes Evolved Caching integrates directly with Varnish by way of it's caching key cookie. This not only gives Varnish the ability to cache Magento pages in a much more complete way, but it also makes the configuration of Varnish very much easier. See our Varnish documentation page for full details.

Why do pages look wrong when viewing them from the Full Page Cache Entries grid?

If you have a secure admin area, but an insecure frontend your browser is very likely blocking insecure content causing the page to display incorrectly. You need to disable this protection temporarily for that page to see the page correctly. You can often do this from the browser address bar.

Some JS functionality has broken since using Evolved Caching, how can I fix it?

Although not common, it is possible that some JS functionality could break on your store using Evolved Caching but this will only be the case where elements on your page which have been excluded from caching have JS observers attached to them. Even in this case you will still only experience problems on some installs.

If you are having these kinds of problems have a look at the developer resources documentation page for full details on how these issues can be easily resolved by observing the Evolved Caching evolved:loaded event, or using described best practices when instantiating your JS classes.

How can I check Evolved Caching is installed correctly?

You can use the ?evolved URL argument to determine if Evolved Caching has been correctly installed. Appending this to the end of any URL will either show dynamic blocks on the page if the page loaded cached, or display a message telling you why the page has not loaded cached. if you see neither of these things the extension is not installed correctly - have a look at this quick setup page.

Can I get Evolved Caching for free?

Yes! Sign up for our Easy Store service and we'll throw in a free Evolved Caching license for your store.

How can I fix my intermittent add to cart issue?
If you are encountering intermittent add to cart issues it's probably because your sessions are being deleted before they have expired. The most likely cause of this is incorrect PHP garbage collection timings on your server - you should check that session.gc_maxlifetime is set to be at a minimum the same number of seconds as your Magento session lifetime.