Quick Setup

You can get up and running with Evolved Caching very quickly by following these few steps:

  1. Disable compilation (if enabled), disable and clear the cache
  2. Extract the extension archive to your Magento root directory and edit .htaccess (or Nginx equivalent if not using Apache) changing instances of index.php to evolved.php
  3. View the frontend and select blocks to exclude from caching by appending ?shownames to the end of any URL
  4. Log into admin and navigate to System → Configuration → Evolved Caching, enter your license details under License. Enter the chosen block names into Caching Exclusions → Excluded Blocks, also enter partial or complete URL's (without domain) for pages to exclude from caching into Caching Exclusions → Excluded Pages
  5. Enable compilation (if required) and all required caching (including Evolved Caching)

Although there are many more possible configuration options for Evolved Caching, these are the only steps that are required to allow the extension to start caching and serving pages correctly. Full extension configuration information can be found in the rest of the documentation, and for greater detail on the steps above have a look at the installation and caching exclusions sections.