Dynamic Content Display

Configuring dynamic content display is optional.

To allow Evolved Caching to load generic, non user specific cached content useful to external systems such as Varnish, the extension updates dynamic page content via an AJAX call on page load. When this dynamic content displays on page, you can use a fade, and/or slide effect to show the updated content. These effects default to just a quick fade, but you can modify or remove these effects under the Dynamic Content Display section. The effect timings are entered here in the number of whole or partial seconds. When empty the fade effect defaults to 0.4, and the slide effect defaults to 0.

Information Evolved Caching fires a custom JavaScript event named evolved:loaded once it has finished loading all dynamic content, and you can hook into this event in place of the normal page load event. This is useful where you have JavaScript which relies on the content of any of your dynamic blocks.