Cache Locking

Configuring cache locking is optional.

Version 1.5.0 of Evolved Caching adds the ability to retain the full page cache when clicking Flush Magento Cache under Cache Management, it will still be cleared when clicking Flush Cache Storage. This is useful if you want to clear the cache when there have been for instance configuration changes which don't affect page layout and you tend to use Flush Magento Cache as a quick way to make sure these changes are reflected. It's also a safeguard to help make sure you don't accidentally clear your entire full page cache.


If you enable this feature and have CSS/JS merging enabled under System → Configuration → Developer → JavaScript/CSS Settings, it is worth being aware of the possible consequences.

If under System → Cache Management you Flush JavaScript/CSS Cache you must make sure you either use the Flush Cache Storage button to clear the full page cache, or use the Refresh Entries button on the Full Page Cache Entries grid to rebuild the entire cache. If you instead use the Flush Magento Cache button and do not Refresh Entries, the full page cache will not be cleared and so will contain expired JavaScript and CSS paths which will break your stores JavaScript functionality and styles. This feature is therefore designed to be used only for clearing the cache for reasons other than layout, style, or JavaScript functionality changes.