Automatic Cache Warming

Configuring automatic cache warming is optional.

Version 1.3.9 of Evolved Caching adds the ability to automatically rebuild product, category and cms full page cache entries which are removed when using automatic cache clearing. From version 1.9.11 the same also happens for the product cache when saving reviews. This leaves you free to just run your store and not worry about whether the customer is seeing an up to date cached page or not.

The process is intelligent and respects your caching strategy, so only cache entries which actually exist and have not expired will be rebuilt. This means that if you are using Redis, APC or Memcached storage and have set the cache to expire, then only valid, current pages will be refreshed and you won't be recreating old expired pages which could push more relevant, current entries out of the cache.

From version 1.4.2 cache warming is done via a cron job, and version 1.5.0 also adds a warming strategy choice so you can pick to have pages warmed immediately on save, or via a cron job if the immediate option has too much of an impact on save times.

Version 1.6.0 also adds the Always Warm Pages option which gives you the option to warm pages on save even if they don't exist in the cache already. This means that if you for instance create a new product then you can have the cache content created for that product as soon as you save it.

If you are using file based caching then this storage is considered effectively unlimited, but if you are using the limited size memory based storage of Redis, APC or Memcached, then be aware that enabling this setting will cause the oldest cached entries to be lost if the cache storage is full and saving causes new previously uncached pages to be created.

Since version 1.8.0 of Evolved Caching, the relevant, store, category and product cache will be automatically warmed at the start and end of any scheduled design change period. The same is also true for product special prices.