About Evolved Caching

Evolved Caching is a highly advanced, performance driven full page caching solution for Magento. It has been built from the ground up with four main aims:

  • To give the best performance available
  • To provide a truly complete caching solution which meets every caching challenge presented by Magento
  • To have a user friendly focus in controlling extension functionality
  • To require no management of the cache once configured

We developed Evolved Caching to provide the Magento community with a full page caching solution that is truly set apart from the competition.  It is built to extremely high coding standards using the best Magento development practices, and by developers with an in depth knowledge of Magento gained over years of working with the software.  The extension has been constantly developed and improved since early 2013 making it a mature, proven bug free solution which will work on any store, even if it has been heavily customised.  By purchasing Evolved Caching you will have a caching solution which outstrips the competition with it's performance, and offers a breadth of functionality and ease of use just not found elsewhere.

For more information on how Evolved Caching compares to other full page caching options, see the features page.

Who is Evolved Caching designed for?

Any store owner who recognises the need for store performance and has an understanding of the steps required to achieve this. Have a look at the FAQ page here for a little more detail.

What can I expect from Evolved Caching?

In performance terms you can expect firstly a huge reduction in the time takes your server to generate a full page of HTML, and secondly a massive reduction in server resource usage meaning you can do more without changing your hosting. Our benchmarks show HTML generation times being 14x faster, with the server able to handle 40x the number of requests. Read our main documentation page for a description of exactly how Evolved Caching effects performance, and what it will and won't improve on your store. You can also use our performance profiler which will give you specific information on whether or not Evolved Caching is a good solution for your store with your current setup.

Outside of the substantial performance improvements you can also expect a solution which is extremely user friendly, and very quick to setup for the vast majority of stores. Once configured and running it also looks after itself so you never have to worry about whether or not the cache is up to date.

Another major benefit of Evolved Caching is that it integrates directly with Varnish by way of it's caching key cookie. By using the caching key cookie Varnish setup is also made very much easier as all of the logic required to determine how Varnish should store the page is already done by Evolved Caching. This approach allows Varnish to have the same versatility in it's caching as Evolved Caching does - without this integration it would simply not be possible.

What can I expect from Hussey Coding?

A primary aim of Hussey Coding is to provide the customer with outstanding technical support - if the customer is happy, we are happy. Another part of our drive to achieve high customer satisfaction is having a rapid release schedule for Evolved Caching. This means we are regularly improving the extension with new features and capabilities, and giving priority to bug fixes.

You can also expect that when you contact us, we will be quick to respond and will always aim address your query or problem as quickly as possible.