Speed up Magento with Evolved Caching

Speed up Magento with Evolved Caching

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Evolved Caching is now FREE since M1 EOL, you can find it on github here.

Speed up Magento with Evolved Caching and get 40% off for multiple licenses. Integrate with Varnish for a Magento Varnish cache.   Read more


Magento performance is an issue which every store owner should address.  Magento can be slow, so solve your speed problems with Evolved Caching.  This Magento full page cache extension will highly optimize and speed up the performance of your site as well as work along side Varnish to easily give you a Magento varnish cache.  It also allows you to cache to the popular memory based storage options Memcached, Redis and APCu.

We have developed Evolved Caching to be the most complete, best performing and most versatile caching solution available.  Evolved Caching is a mature piece of software that has been in active development since early 2013, and has seen 70+ releases since then.  We love to hear back from our customers and being proactive and quick in adding features and addressing bugs has made Evolved Caching a highly reliable, bug free, super fast solution in use on some of the highest traffic, most highly customised, and demanding Magento stores.  Because we concentrate our development efforts primarily on always improving Evolved Caching and don't spend our time across multiple extensions, we believe that has given us the best, fastest and most versatile Magento full page cache solution available.

So if you want to speed up Magento and get lightening fast performance for your store, you need Evolved Caching from Hussey Coding, the Magento caching and performance specialists.

It's great to have an amazing product running on your store, but what if you need help or support?  We pride outselves in giving outstanding customer support, whether you have purchased multiple licenses already, or are just trialing the extension for the first time.  You just need to get in touch and you can be sure of a quick response and resolution to answer any question you might have.  Read about how our customers love the support we offer in our testimonials.

How do I get a 40% discount?

After you buy your first license you will get 20% off, then after you buy your second license you will get 40% off.  In certain circumstances we can give 40% off right from the first license (for instance if you are buying multiple licences at once) so get in touch and ask!

Can I trial Evolved Caching?

Yes!  You can have a free license for 30 days so that you can test the extension fully on your store before you buy - just fill out this trial request form.

More information

This site has a wealth of more detailed information about Evolved Caching in the full documentation.  You can also read testimonials from some of our customers, use our Magento performance profiler to see how well your store is performing, and see benchmarks showing how much Magento speeds up by using Evolved Caching.

Get in touch

You can chat to us about Evolved Caching using the widget on the bottom right of the page (it may be hidden on mobile), or by filling out the contact form - we'll be very happy to answer any question you might have about running Evolved Caching on your store.

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