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Evolved Caching

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Massively optimize and speed up your Magento store with Evolved Caching, a highly performance orientated, advanced full page caching extension, with direct Varnish cache support.  More...
Evolved Caching

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Nothing is more important than the time it takes for your Magento stores pages to load - slow pages directly affect bounce rates, conversion rates and most importantly revenue.  Evolved Caching will slash your page load times by over 14x and reduce server load so dramatically it will be able to handle 40x the number of requests.

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There are lots of full page caching solutions out there, why this one?

Evolved Caching was developed directly to meet the need for a complete Magento full page caching solution which caters for all of the shortcomings found in competing products, and this is not at the expense of performance - you also get the best performance of any caching extension in the market place.

Magento is complex software and presents significant challenges when developing a caching solution that truly caters for all of the variations in the way pages can be displayed.  Many solutions fail even with common scenarios such as applying category filtering correctly, or catering for products going out of stock.

Evolved Caching is different.  Not only does it meet every caching challenge presented by Magento, it also exceeds in both versatility and ease of use when compared to other caching products in the marketplace.  Just follow the quick test at the top of the usage guide to prove it to yourself, the guide also tells you about the full capabiities of the extension along with benchmarks, and you can also try it out at our demo store.


What performance increase will I see?

Your exact performance figures will depend very much on the hardware your store is running on, but we can guarantee that your page load times will be incomparable to what they were without Evolved Caching.  We can also guarantee that your server load will reduce massively allowing you to do a lot more, with the same hosting.

We have done quite a bit of our own benchmarking, and you can find the results of that in our extension guide here, but to give you an idea our benchmarks saw page load times plummet from 2650ms to just 194ms, and the number of requests the server could handle skyrocket from just 10 a second to 420 a second - just 7% of the load time, and over 40 times the number of transactions.


What caching scenarios will Evolved Caching handle?

Multiple currencies

Multiple stores under the same domain

Multiple stores under different domains

Mobile stores under the same domain

Caching by browser (for instance to cater for older browsers)

Tax changes by customer address

Complex user group based pricing strategies

Category filtering

Layered navigation filtering

Secure pages

Correct stock tracking

Updating of review summaries

Grouped based tiered pricing

What other features does Evolved Caching have?

Many other extensions are either underpowered and incapable, or overengineered to the extent of needing a full blown developer to install and configure them.  Evolved Caching effortlessly combines an incredibly quick and easy install with an intuitive setup designed to get your store running with full page caching in no time.

As well as catering for all of the caching scenarios above, Evolved Caching puts a host of powerful features and benefits at your finger tips, invaluable to both store owners and developers.  If you use, or are considering using Varnish, the caching cookie in particular will hugely simplify your Varnish setup as Evolved Caching has already run all of the logic for you.

All configuration options are in admin

Any block, can be set to dynamically update from admin

No special treatment for custom content, you can dynamically update it the same as other content

Pages easily excluded from caching in admin

APC, Memcached and File based caching supported

Both AJAX and BigPipe based dynamic content updating

Cache expiration with cache refreshed when hit for a truly effective caching strategy

Direct Varnish caching support using caching cookie

Granular control allowing you to view and manage individial cache entries

Cache crawler

Auto clearing of relevant cached content when saving cms, product and category pages

Automatic cache warming

Automatic re-caching of scheduled store, category and product design changes

Automatic re-caching of scheduled product special prices

Automatic re-caching of products with catalog price rules

JavaScript event fired after dynamic content has loaded

Supports sites which require a user to login before gaining access

Header output maintained

Save on hosting costs by massively reducing server load

Slash bounce rates

What versions of Magento is Evolved Caching compatible with?

Evolved Caching is designed for Magento CE v1.4+


Can I trial Evolved Caching?

Yes!  We will be happy to supply you with a free license for a staging or development domain so that you can test the extension fully on your own install before you commit to buy.  We are also so confident in the performance of this product that we offer a no fuss, 14 day, condition free, money back guarantee.


Can I get a discount?

Only your first license will be full price.  After purchasing your second license at a 20% discount, we will give you a 40% coupon code to use for all further license purchases.  If you purchase multple licenses at the same time you will recieve this discount automatically right from the product page.


Which sites use Evolved Caching?

Here are a few of the sites that use Evolved Caching:









More info?

You can find the full usage guide with benchmarks and load testing here and demo Evolved Caching here for the frontend or here for admin.

We highly recommend you profile your site with our performance profiler here for a simple, clear analysis of your sites current performance, and the benefits the extension will offer.

If you have any questions not answered here you can contact us directly by clicking the support tab on the right of this page, or talk to us by clicking the chat dialog at the bottom of this page.