Evolved Caching

Evolved Caching

Massively optimize and speed up your Magento store with Evolved Caching, a highly performance orientated, advanced full page caching extension, with direct Varnish cache support.


Nothing is more important than the time it takes for your Magento stores pages to load - slow pages directly affect bounce rates, conversion rates and most importantly revenue. Evolved Caching will slash your HTML generation times by over 14x and reduce server load so dramatically it will be able to handle 40x the number of requests.

There are lots of full page caching solutions out there, why this one?

Evolved Caching was developed directly to meet the need for a complete Magento full page caching solution which caters for all of the shortcomings found in competing products.

Magento is complex software and presents significant challenges when developing a caching solution that truly caters for all of the variations in the way pages can be displayed. Many solutions fail even with common scenarios such as applying category filtering correctly, or catering for products going out of stock.

Evolved Caching is different. Not only does it meet every caching challenge presented by Magento, it also exceeds in both versatility and ease of use when compared to other caching products in the marketplace.

What versions of Magento is Evolved Caching compatible with?

Evolved Caching is designed for Magento CE v1.5+.

Can I trial Evolved Caching?

Yes! We can supply you with a free license for a staging or development domain so that you can test the extension fully on your own install before you commit to buy - just fill out the trial request form. We are also so confident in the performance of this product that we offer a no fuss, 14 day, condition free, money back guarantee.

Performance profiler

Not sure if Evolved Caching is a good fit for your store? Use our performance profiler to find out.

Need more information?

The rest of the site contains a wealth of information about the extensive capabilities and functionality of Evolved Caching. You can also contact us with any specific questions you might have that aren't answered here.