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A truly capable full page caching solution for every Magento store.
Evolved Caching is the premier choice for Magento full page caching. It's been built from the ground up with performance and ease of use in mind.
The most complete caching solution available
The best performance of any caching solution
Easy to install and setup
Works on every install however highly customised
Cache refreshed automatically - install and forget
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Very Highly Recommended
Before: 2.9s
After: 65ms

Very useful extension which uses some advanced techniques to streamline magento caching and reduce page load time.

All of this is backed up by some of the best support I have ever experienced from Hussey Coding.

Very highly recommended, and if your site is on the larger size, or you don't already have some kind of caching in place, then its a vital purchase.

Excellent Performance Excellent Support
Before: 3.0s
After: 75ms

Purchased this module after testing several different ones. Current configuration, varnish, memcached, apc, redis. Still decided to give this module a try.

Support was awesome - assisted with support and testing with Varnish. Have successfully got it working on our install, Varnish and Memcached. In theory you probably don't even need varnish. Well worth the price.

Pages Load Much Faster
Before: 3.5s
After: 100ms

I highly recommend this extension. It speeds page load times significantly, improves user experience, and the support is second to none.

If your store is running slower than you'd like there are a number of fixes you can apply. For our store, this extension has proved to be great value and an excellent investment when compared with the high ongoing cost of other solutions (hosting upgrades, CDNs etc.)

No doubt there are other caching extensions to choose from, but with Evolved Caching you can count on excellent support from a responsive developer, and in my experience that's crucial- especially if you're using caching with a customized theme.

Superb, Fast and Efficient Extension (as is the support)
Before: 1.9s
After: 40ms

Before purchasing this extension I looked around and read up on all of the competitors. Having come from a Joomla background to Magento, I know how important decent caching is, and reading about how Magento works it seems that there are some issues there as well.

The plugin accelerates the website enormously with the caching. I can tell you that my server is on another continent and it loads faster than other sites I have hosting in my current location.

The most noticeable thing is on the front end. We use high quality images on our site, but with this caching enabled it basically loads everyone on-click!

After reading the information on the Evolved Caching website I went away with the feeling that the person who wrote this script really REALLY understood Magento and that if there was a problem, they'd be qualified to resolve it. As the script producer is also a magento developer I also got them to analyze the template on the client site and make some modifications.

Yes, this is a serious amount of money to spend on a caching solution, but frankly I want to know then when my site site gets a traffic spike, the server doesn't fold serving requests.

Basically its the nuts!

An ingenious approach to caching
Before: 2.1s
After: 45ms

Evolved Caching makes it easy to set up dynamic areas based on both block names and page exclusions (and it has a very nice helper function to retrieve block names). The page will then load instantly, and the dynamic content will be fetched through Ajax and appear after the page has finished loading.

It also integrates nicely with Varnish and the developers have even supplied a fully working configuration for us to use.

The extension is well-written and well-documented, particularly when compared to some other Magento extensions for sale. It is clear from the first line of code that these guys know what they're doing and know Magento inside out. I was even informed of a bug in our version of Magento that I wasn't even aware of, and which was fixed soon thereafter.

I almost wish there was something negative I could say, but there isn't.

All in all it works extremely well, and was equally easy to set up. I've been talking to one of the developers, and he's been helping me all the way through, patiently, with some silly problems of my own doing. I personally couldn't be happier with an extension, and our servers say the same.

A brilliant extension that works very well!
Before: 4.3s
After: 70ms

I would 100% highly recommended this extension. After installing the extension we have seen a big decrease in the load time of all the pages on our website. Including some big pages with a lot of content and embedded videos. Our website is quite large with about 4000 products, but this extension has no problems with that. Our customers have noticed our site is now a lot quicker, which is exactly what we wanted to hear! Support is excellent too. Very glad I got this extension as it has taken the worry out of how to keep our magento store running quickly now and in the future as the site grows.

It's Great!
Before: 3.6s
After: 80ms

A great extension (that speeds up the site and reduces bandwidth) with amazing support.

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